Monday, April 03, 2006

Mr. Clean's On Holiday

What a bloody mess today and Metro North service disappointment.

As I left my 8:25am arrival at Grand Central, I caught this site while heading for the back stairs. Two garbage cans overflowing and spilling onto the ground. The newpaper bin overflowing and door propped open so the recycling can all spill out. If that was just from the morning rush then Metro North should empty the bins every few trains. If it was spill over from the weekend, then they should clean it before the morning rush.

And on the ride home? As I headed through the tunnel at the 48th street bunker, I caught the site of bags of garbage stacked by the stairs. Now that's a new one. Usually the area is blocked for ceiling repairs.

And on the train itself? Nice stench from the bathroom. Hope the commuters check before entering... because that extra roll? It's not in the bathroom. Looks like Metro North left it on the luggage rack.

Today's pics:
  1. Overflowing morning bins between tracks 20/21
  2. Evening garbage pile
  3. Side of bathroom with spare roll in the luggage rack


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