Thursday, March 30, 2006

Precision Molding #2

The one Metro North consistent is that you don't have to look far on a New Haven line car for a design problem...

Sitting in my window seat on the 7:37pm (car #8700) out of Grand Central this evening, I once again got to see the fine alignment of panels that near my door. Another gap in the wall, this time stuffed with someone's receipt. Given that the panel holds the gears to release the doors in case of an emergency, you would think that Metro North wouldn't want people sliding paper in there...

Today's pics of the side of the panel (double click to enlarge):
  1. Lower panel portion that is aligned
  2. Mid panel portion where gap begins
  3. Close up of gap
  4. If you look carefully, someone jammed a receipt in the wall
  5. Lower panel sealed tight
  6. Gap portion with opening
  7. Lower panel sealed tight
  8. Gap wide enough for a pen to fit


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