Monday, April 03, 2006

Make Way For My Beer

I don't know if it's the commuters or what Metro North does to us that turns so many well dressed people into such desperate, etiquette be missed scramblers trying to get seats.

Tonight, on the delayed 7:11 out of Grand Central on track 24 you knew a problem was going to happen. First they didn't post the track until after 7:00 pm. Then there was no train when people shuffled down. Then the crowd grew. And grew. And grew.

Now, if you've been through these situations before, you know that there will be enough seats for everyone. But that wasn't enough for 'beer guy'. He had to start shuffling forward with his open beer. Empty train arrives and you know what happens... not like the Titanic with women and children first. No... Here it's beer guy pushing ahead to get his cherished aisle seat near the bathroom
(car #8815).

And why was the train delayed? Kudos to Metro North's conductor for clearly telling us as we departed that a sick passenger caused a train delay and thereby a switch in equipment. Kudos to Metro North for taking care of that passenger. Kudos to 'beer guy' for going home and being able to brag to the wife how he pushed everyone aside to get a seat.

Tonight's pics:
  1. Crowd waiting for the 7:11
  2. More people arriving
  3. Another view
  4. Train arriving at end of station
  5. Back of 'Beer Guy' pushing, you can just make out the beer
  6. In his seat singing his victory song
  7. Uh... where's my ticket?
  8. Will his manners improve if he keeps whacking his head?


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