Monday, March 27, 2006

Never a Bride, Always a Bridesmaid

The other day I got on my train home and found the latest Milepost publication on my seat. Whether you like it or not, consider it propaganda or good communication, it is useful in one aspect. It is the only place I can find that compares the performance of the Harlem, Hudson and New Haven lines. While the Metro North website has two years of on-time data, it is aggregated and doesn't allow for a commuter to make comparisons.

How did the New Haven line do for January? We're consistent. Consistently not catching the bouquet.
  • Last in AM performance? New Haven.
  • Last in PM performance? New Haven.
  • Last in Off-peak weekday performance? New Haven.
  • Last in Off-peak weekend performance? New Haven.
  • Last overall? New Haven.
Today's pic is a scan from the back of March 2006 Milepost.


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