Wednesday, March 29, 2006

A Trio of Problems

Yesterday's morning ride into Grand Central was more of the same... poor design, poor service and poor security. Caught the last Metro North car (#8508) and found myself without a seat standing in the vestibule...

Poor design? you've guessed it. Felt the cold wind blowing at my feet and like before, saw the light shining through where the weather stripping doesn't seal the door.

Poor service? you've guessed it. Looked up and there was that lighting grid once again. The dust particle collection so thick that you could spread them on a knife like butter. Likely hasn't been cleaned in years.

Poor security? you've guessed it. Like we've seen before, conductor man had the back compartment propped open with a stick and after East Norwalk he headed to the front of the train never to be seen again.

Who needs to fix these problems? you've guessed it. Metro North Railroad.

The pics:
  1. Top 2 of the train door with gaps
  2. Bottom 2 of the dust encrusted lighting grid


Anonymous metro north conductor said...

As far as the condition on the train...what surprises me, is that you're surprised. You know that most of this equipment is 33 years old. Just think of how well you've fared in 33 years.
I agree with you on the matter of train cleanliness.
Though the cab door shouldn't have been propped open, there isn't much damage(other than pushing the emergency brake,something that can be done from outside the cab as well) that a terrorist could do.
Those doors are thin and not very securely locked. If someone wanted to get into a cab, they'd have little problem doing it.

12:45 AM, June 20, 2006  
Blogger AudioGuy said...

Most of the passenger cars on the Metro North line are Tokyu-built M3 or M4 cars. They were built between 1985-1989. They have given many, many years of faithful service. You should cut them some slack for being a little run down. By the way, they are built in Japan.


7:20 AM, December 10, 2008  

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