Wednesday, March 29, 2006

All That Crud #2

Smooth ride. Good announcements. On time departure and arrival. What more do you want?

How about a window that's been cleaned and doesn't look covered with spew? How about a wall that doesn't have some mold looking substance growing on it? We've seen this before...

Would any of us fly on an airline if we took a window seat and saw this filth, grime and likely germ laboratory? No. So why don't we pick another railroad that would clean its cars more often? Oh. That's because Metro North is a monopoly and we have no choice.

Tonight's pics from car #8822, the 7:37 out of Grand Central:
  1. window sill covered in spew
  2. another view
  3. and other
  4. weather stripping covered in grime
  5. what's growing behind that seat on the wall?
  6. close up of crud


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