Friday, March 24, 2006

A Team Player

Why is it that Metro North commuters will act differently on the train than they do at home? From the drunks to the space hogs to the litterbugs... I wouldn't want to see their living rooms.

This morning, I'm sitting diagonally across from a Euro-suit who's reading his smatter of papers. We hit the GCT tunnel and suddenly he's up, papers are still under the seat and on the seat next to his. No concern from him. Before I can say something he's at the door and I'm getting called by an old colleague. Unfortunately, couldn't get a clear shot of his face.

If idiots like this would just do their part, the train ride would be better for all of us.

The pics:
  1. On the seat beside him
  2. Under his seat
  3. Running for the door, no papers in hand


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