Monday, March 13, 2006

Sun Shown Down

Is it Karma, do unto others, making a Mitzvah, or what goes around, comes around... this morning I did something right and was rewarded.

The reward? Trains with available seats, no rotten smell, clear announcements before we reached each station, no sticky liquids on the floor or seats, on time travel in a relatively clean car.

What did I do? When everyone else walked by the one car in the lot with his lights on, I went to the station manager and had him announce the plate so the Jeep Liberty (plate xxx SBU) owner could come home to a working battery.

Let's see what tomorrow brings.

Today's pics:
  1. Fog from the north
  2. Fog to the south
  3. Fog up in the towers
  4. Was I going up or down these?
  5. Nite train
  6. Heading to my car


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