Monday, March 06, 2006

All That Crud

One thing you just can't avoid if you ride the New Haven line is the dirt, the dust, the filth that has been building up for years on these cars. You've become so accustomed to it that you start not to notice that it is all around you.

On the train home tonight (car #8965), I avoided the remaining few middle seats and stood until Stamford. At that point, I got one of the narrow seats at the end of the car and being so close to the wall I was afforded the views that you can see above, curtesy of my cell phone camera.

  1. Remnants of some sticker now just attracting grime
  2. Filth near door handle
  3. 3-D brown globs on the wall
  4. Grease so thick it covers the fake wood
  5. Burn marks on the panel
  6. Goo so thick on the windows it looks like bullet holes

My answer to Metro North Railroad grime? I carry a bottle of Purell and make sure to sanitize my hands after every trip.


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