Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Is That Ash, Cedar, or Oak?

One of the benefits of having old cars that haven't been upgraded is that you get to see what happens when products and glue is asked to function beyond its original expectations.

Our cars have that wonderful aura of the early 1970s when station wagons had fake panelling on the outsides. Some designer working for Metro North Railroad decided that we needed fake panelling as trim on the insides... unfortunately, that design got translated into fake wood stickers beside the windows intending to look as trim.

On many cars, the stickers are long gone so it just looks like more dirt and crud. But on some cars (like this morning's #8423), the stickers are still hanging on, or partially hanging on, giving that wonderful look of neglect and aging.

The pics:

  1. Missing wood trim and visual effects just inches from my seat
  2. Same area, another pic
  3. Upper wood trim buckling in the corner & curling at the bottom
  4. Close-up of glue zone after 'wood' disappeared
  5. Vertical piece of wood sticker gone - nice view of original glue
  6. Trim with 80% of the sticker in place & 'wood' curl at the bottom


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