Tuesday, March 07, 2006

What Stop Is It?

Another typical day travelling on Metro North's New Haven line...

Morning rush, standing room only and the announcement comes on (not going to be good...) "No lights in the head two cars. If you want to read, move back to another car". Thankfully, I was in the last car, enjoying my flourescent experience and feeling lucky to be able to read...

Evening rush, got a seat on the 7:37 out of GCT, headed up to CT and enjoyed a good book as the lights were aplenty... but, trust ole Metro North Railroad to muck something up... second car 8975 had no announcements... was it forgetfulness on the part of the conductors or a faulty PA system? we may never know... Thankfully, I didn't have to exit at East Norwalk where my car didn't platform and people had to head back to make their stop. Train full of people going 'what stop is next?'...

Today's pics from the evening ride:
  1. Entering the bunker at Park and 48th
  2. Looking for the train
  3. Heading up to the track
  4. Where's my track?
  5. Ah, the train
  6. What does Metro North have in store tonight?


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