Wednesday, March 15, 2006

A President To Vote For...

Tonight I attended the President's Forum where Metro North Railroad President Peter Cannito answered questions from the public and shared some news on progress and improvements.

My expectations going in? Low, real low... figured Cannito would stay mum and have others answer while he waited for the meeting to end. Thought I would see members of the public turned away and unable to be heard.

Reality? Metro North President Cannito personally answered every question. He was candid, knowledgeable, detailed and willing to take criticism. He took notes and assigned follow-up on various items that were raised. I was stunned that he knew the minute details of his business. Every commuter and member of the public who signed up had their questions answered. Cannito then opened the floor to any other questions. The meeting ended early as all were heard.

His performance gave me new optimism that Metro North will improve for its New Haven line riders.

He's got my vote...


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