Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Just Fix It

At times it feels like Metro North Railroad could use a swift Nike adjustment... too often the things that are broken/wrong on our cars and platforms seem to be accepted as standard practice. I can now add clocks and speakers to the doors that don't open.

This foggy morning, while waiting on the platform, I checked the clock to see if our commuter train was on time. Fortunately the clock works... well actually... twice a day. At 9am and 9pm. Or is that at 11:45am and 11:45pm...

And once on the train? The speaker over my head buzzed continually like an insect that wouldn't die. The sound though... more like a short circuiting buzzer than a bug caught on a neon zapper.

Today's pics:
  1. Fog to the North
  2. Fog to the South
  3. Fog in the towers
  4. It doesn't look like 9am...
  5. Or is that 11:45pm?
  6. Repair time


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