Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Oopss... Sorry

One of the bad things about getting an aisle seat on Metro North is that some inconsiderate fellow commuter will whack you with his bags while walking down the aisle.

Tonight's victim? Women sitting diagonally across from me mid-train. Tonight's perpetrator? Ear Bud Guy whose two bags made him twice as wide as an average human and destined to whack somebody.

The kicker? After he realized (when we pointed it out) that he had hurt her, he shouted a half-hearted 'Sorry' as he couldn't be bothered to turn off the iPod and apologize in a normal voice.

Tonight's pics:
  1. Back of whacker struggling to maneuver his bags
  2. Like that width will fit down the aisle
  3. Ear Bud Guy


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