Thursday, April 27, 2006

Tripping On The Way To Catching The Bouquet

MTA Metro North's Mileposts communication to customers in April confirms what we all know. That beaten down equipment on the New Haven line can't turn in on time performance like those new trains riding the other lines.

The April Mileposts of February 2006 data did show that the New Haven line broke it's January 2006 consistent ranking of last place in every possible metric.

How did the New Haven line do for February ? Still not catching the bouquet.
  • Last in AM performance? New Haven.
  • Last in PM performance? New Haven.
  • Last in Off-peak weekday performance? New Haven.
  • Last in Off-peak weekend performance? Harlem. Harlem? by 0.7%
  • Last overall? New Haven.
Today's pic is a scan from the back of the April 2006 Milepost.


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