Thursday, April 13, 2006

Shhh... I'm Sleeping

At the recent March 2006 Commuter Council Presidents Forum, a number of commuters pressed the Metro North president on creating a 'quiet' car. They suggested it be in the middle of the train where ridership is lower. They suggested it be posted as such and that conversation, especially cell phones, would have to occur in another car. They suggested Metro North give it a try, a pilot. President Cannito refused siting the inability to police people, and that many people want to talk on the train.

Today, I rode on the quiet car. Not just quiet. Silent. Freaky silent. Not a word, murmur, cell phone, sneeze or cough. For over an hour this morning on car #9055 a commuter had the Metro North 'quiet' car.

How did Metro North do it? Did President Cannito relent? Nope. Good old Metro North design. The interior lights failed and only emergency lights near the doors worked. Too dark to read, commuters took to closing their eyes (myself included) and enjoyed the quiet.

Today's pics:
  1. Lights out in CT
  2. View after arriving in Grand Central
  3. Another view in the darkness


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