Saturday, April 29, 2006

Dancing on Mr. Clean's Grave

After a few days off from riding the rails and my regular morning schedule, yesterday I was once again on a New Haven line inbound to Grand Central for 8:25am.

The track? 20
The garbage condition at the rear of the train? horrible

After previous posts hoping that the Metro North scheduling wizards would get more garbage cans to the rear of the track 20/21 platform, what did we find? No new cans and no Newspaper recycling bin. Dozens of commuters getting off the train with papers to recycle - doing the right thing. Metro North creating a mess and potential liability should a commuter slip and trip on the mess - doing the wrong thing.

Yesterday's pics (double click to enlarge):
  1. What's that near the end of the platform?
  2. Typical 2 cans with gap for missing Newspaper bin
  3. All the newspapers indicate commuters want to recycle
  4. What a mess
  5. Hoping no one slips
  6. Mr. Clean's nemesis


Anonymous Ms Conductor said...

All you do is complain. Hey here's a suggestion.. start driving! I'm a conductor for said railroad and it is a great place. Like I said, get in your car, drive to work, & find another hobby. Blogging everyday about the woes of the railroad is pathetic.

12:43 PM, October 18, 2009  
Blogger Impacted Customer said...

Thanks for you comment - a few points of clarification

1. My blog posts are over 3 years old - I actually have spent a lot of that time traveling off the train. If my past observations still strike a cord with you then they must be true.

2. Please let me know if anything here is factually wrong and I'll correct it. Otherwise, it stands.

3. I've almost had uniformly great things to say about the conductors who work on old equipment that appears to be in constant disrepair.

4. Given that MetroNorth is subsidized by the state (~50% in 2003) and I'm a taxpayer, I've got a right to comment on what is wrong with the system that spends all of our money.

5. Your reaction is too typical - shoot the messenger instead of dealing with the message. How about you post a comment like "the garbage problem at GCT has really been cleaned up" or "as a conductor I've pointed this problem out to management". Assuming the garbage issue, to which you posted, still exists, either you a) don't care about the state of the platforms, b) haven't complained because you know it won't accomplish anything or c) you have complained and management doesn't listen.

1:48 PM, October 18, 2009  

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